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No student is alien to the task and process of essay writing. It is almost always a part of college coursework and applications. But how does essay writing actually help?

It improves the way you go about your research by enhancing your analytical and critical reading skills. You learn to identify useful resources, explore and sift through a variety of ideas, and absorb only what you need.

Essay writing also strengthens your writing skills. This includes the vital ability to organize an argument in an effective manner. Our sample essays like this rhetorical analysis of Using Laws to Save us from Ourselves or this case study response to the Oakdale administrator case are great for ideas on how to structure yours.

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The right tone, language, and structure are all important considerations while writing an essay. However, what sets a great college essay apart from a good one is how well it demonstrates critical thought. While you might be familiar with the general format of writing an essay, asking yourself the following questions can help you put together an insightful piece:

  • Is the stance I intend to convey in my essay convincing? If you don’t find it persuasive enough, chances are your instructor might not either.
  • Does it answer the given writing prompt appropriately? If it doesn’t, tweak your argument by adding or removing details as necessary.
  • What type of essay will help me put my arguments forth effectively? Choose between argumentative, compare and contrast, analytical, and other types of essays based on your thesis.
  • Are all the sources I’m referring to reliable? Consider works by trustworthy publications and authors. If you’re unsure about a source, consult your instructor.
  • Am I familiar with all the guidelines for writing and referencing? Go over them thoroughly to confirm the writing style, citation format, potential restrictions on the type of sources to be used, and so on.

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The kind of topic you choose for your essay or paper often decides how the assignment will turn out. Even if your instructor gives you a general direction, you may need to narrow down on something worth writing about. Make the task of picking an essay topic easier with these tips:

  • Select a topic that makes you want to write. Putting pen to paper about something that interests you is likely to result in a paper worth reading.
  • Steer clear of topics that are too broad. For example, instead of writing about the history of education, you could write about online vs. traditional education.
  • Make sure your topic aligns with the guidelines your professor has given you. If you have been asked to write a summary essay in a management course, do precisely that. An example of such a topic could be to outline the limits of a team leader’s authority.

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