Relationship Essay: Letting Go

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“Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting them back together.” Letting go has been a problem, common among all ages, from all walks of life, may it be letting go of a love, a job, a thing or whatever that you are so attached to. Sometimes people think that it can be done with one night’s sleep, and immediately the feeling of attachment will be gone and eventually you will let go. No matter who we are in life, or what position we hold, it will come to a point that we will have to learn to let go, let go of something important to us. There is no device or a quick-fix method to make this feeling go away instantly, to drive away months or years of attachment. Some people even take…show more content…
I was afraid that if I was too stuck in that moment, life will pass me by and end up miserable. I will not be a spectator of life, rather I will live life. Most of us see the hardship of letting go as an escape to face life, as an excuse to give up. The champions of our lives are those who strive to live, to move on. We tend to forget that the hardest thing to do is live, at the same time it is the very reason that gives meaning to our being. We need to live life, we will not try, and we cannot try. “Trying” to live a life is disrespectful to life itself, we don’t try, we will live life. Living demands us to live through the hardship. We can live life through all the pains, hardships because in the end it will help define the beauty of the life we had lived. Let go, let go and let go. Release that emotional baggage and believe in life the way it believes in you. In this respect, we should realize that people are not under our control, we don’t control how they feel. They don’t owe us anything, nor do we owe them something. We owe life to ourselves, our happiness to our being. If we try to accept that we can’t control other people but only ourselves, maybe we will learn to let go, slowly, sincerely. We all are given the right to live, so exercise that right, get out and celebrate the beauty that is
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