The Power Of Modern Life In Ros Barber's Poetry

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The poet seems angry with the modern life and annoyed at the fact that so many people waste their lives by worrying about the “deadlines” and reading the “junkmail”. In the first stanza the poet is trying to present to the reader what an everyday life looks like for many people. At the same time she is trying to show us that we should forget about all those things and concentrate on the nature. She uses repetition of the word “let” which is like a command; this suggests that she wants the reader to realize that the modern world is very chaotic and not important. She reinforces this fact by saying the “e-mils fly like panicked, tiny birds” which implies that the modern life is very hectic and unorganised. The “tiny birds” also suggest that the…show more content…
In the second stanza Ros Barber shows what life should be like. She is showing that simple life is much better by using soft words like “immense”, “wordless” and “hush”. All these represent the importance of living and the power of simple life. Barber is trying to show the reader that everyone has made a “mark like birdtracks in the sand” however this mark is unimportant so it can be easily washed off. Instead, we need to “make the air” in our lungs our “livelihood” which implies that we need to do something that matters to us, not anyone else, and it needs to be something that we will be truly proud of. This quote also suggests that we should not do anything to please others if we are not enjoying it ourselves; we should do something that makes us happy. The poet also wants the reader to notice the little things that make our lives great like the nature, by using the words like “sky”, “birds” and “sand”. This suggests that when our tasks become plenty, we should stop, “breathe”, and take a break; for not doing so causes us to become stressed and prohibits us from doing our
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