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Paul Shibley 6/3/09 Period 5 Our Town In the play Our Town, authored by Thorton Wilder, the main theme was that a person should not waste the life that they have been given. Life goes and passes by in a fast pace. Once you’re a kid and then and adult and than in your dying days. The theme is that not waste your life and use all the time you have left to really live your life. First is being born, and being a child and having dreams and wishes. Cuts and bruises from playing outside, and the band aids put on. Then there are the bedtime stories and your parents tucking you in your bed, and all that goes by in a flash. I still remember those days but it has been years for any of those thing to happen again. Then the teenage years arrive, where the kids become rebels and start having their own opinions. They start finding themselves figuratively and having their own interests, and at this point a teenager can’t decide what they want o how they want to live their life.…show more content…
A person should liver their life the best that they can, and help out who they can, and to not waste their life. They should have made self morals and guide lines in their life, and they should not put people down and not being depressed and see life as a horrible. Like the Stage Manager said in Act II, “You’ve got to have life to love life, and love life to have life.” So a person should not look at life as a cup half empty, but the opposite, the cup half full and take life in and love it. Some people don’t enjoy a life because of some accident or an uncontrolled even, so if you don’t do anything with your life, that is a waste of life that has been given to you. A person should live life to the fullest and love every minute of it because each day could be your last

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