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CHAPTER ONE In chapter one, Siddhartha learned that the love of his family would not always be enough to satisfy him. In order for him to lead a fulfilling life, he must venture out on his own and discover what really makes him happy, and what his life’s purpose is. In my life, I’ve learned that if your heart tells you that something you’re doing is morally wrong, do not do it by any means. I’ve been in way too many situations where I’ve regretted not listening to what my heart had to tell me. If you feel that something you’re doing could possibly be wrong, it is best to stop what you’re doing a really think about your choices CHAPTER TWO In chapter two, Siddhartha learned the ways of the Samanas, which is the group he chose to follow.…show more content…
His Samana way of life is practically forgotten as he instead immerses himself in fine food, fine clothing, and greed. In my life, I’ve learned that my own personal opinion of myself is far more important than any other person’s opinion of myself. Nobody else can change who I am, so why would I let their opinion matter more than mine? Every day, strive to be the person YOU want to be. CHAPTER EIGHT In chapter eight, Siddhartha learns that the skills that used to be useful to him – meditating, fasting, and losing his sense of self—have been long lost due to his infatuation with worldly goods and desires. In addition, while reflecting on his life, he realizes just how many paths he has taken in his life, and how much he has changed as a person throughout the course of his life. In my life, I’ve learned that you must schedule some time to do absolutely nothing. Without a break from all the busyness that the world possesses, a person will surely go insane. Everyone needs some designated time to relax, where they are required to do absolutely nothing. CHAPTER

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