Me and My Family; Trial and Tribulation

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noticed that I did miss tying it into some of the trials and tribulations in the story, and now as I read over this I feel if like my experience between father and son is actually a lot like Odysseus and Telemachus. At a young age, my father left home and I learned to become a man of the household without him physically being present. The struggle of growing up with that weight on my shoulders I think definitely compares to that of Tele. in the Odyssey. My fathers departure was a major turning point in my life, it changed a lot of things for me and was very emotional. And just like Odysseus return, when he came back it was even more emotional and it was even a bit strange learning to live with him being present in the household each day. Some of the tasks I took on or had become responsible for where no longer required of me. Also, I noticed my mother was always very concerned for me, being her only son, and didn't want to see me grow up. When Tele. is playing in kind of a manly, roughhouse way with a male guardian, and eventually spills out into the area where Penelope is, we see her kind of shun the manly behavior and deem Tele. “too young” too be involved with such things. He wants to use some of his fathers weaponry and take on more of a masculine role that she clearly thinks he is not ready for. That seems to common with all mothers and their young, but definitely growing up as an only child I experienced much more. To this day my mother still deems me to be “too young for that” or tells me to “be careful” when referring to going certain places and etc. All in all, I feel the trials and tribulations faced in The Odyssey are very similar to things I went through growing up. Lastly, the death of my cousin, who was a role model to me, had a major effect on my life. Death is a theme seen throughout The Odyssey and the emotion it brings is seen the entire time

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