Positives & Negatives of Jobs in General

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Positives & Negatives of Jobs In general There are many positives and negatives of jobs. Positive things that happen in jobs are usually good things that make you happy. Negatives in jobs bring people down. Depending on your mood about a job you are doing, negatives can be a good thing and positives can be a bad thing. It all boils down to your mood from getting a job to thinking your not good at your job. How many times have you been in a bad mood and slacked off your work because of your mood? There are millions of moods out there such as happy, anger, jealousy, and many more. So the next time you go into work or go looking for a job give yourself a positive mood. For starters, you must always be happy. Being happy can bring you positive results. Do you want a job? Don’t go out looking upset or serious. Go out looking for a job when you are happy. Being happy means your confident, you smile, and you don’t care that you didn’t get the job. Show that you want the job but if you don’t get it show that you don’t care. Of course not getting the job is a negative side but, if you look happy there’s no way you can’t get the job. Just be happy and be yourself and you will do fine. Just show them that you are confident and if they don’t hire you, it’s their loss. Another mood is anger. Anger is the worse mood you could have when doing or looking for a job. What makes us angry? A negative of anger is the lack of work you put in. The reason you put less work into your job is because your thinking too much about whatever made you angry. If your boss sees your lack of work, they could fire you. Although anger has its negatives, it also has its positives. For instance, if your job is fighting in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) you could take your anger out on the opponent which gives you a boast of energy and boosts your strength. For

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