Personal Fulfillment In The Color Of Water By James Mcbride

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Personal Fulfillment Personal fulfillment is when a person accomplishes a goal they set for themselves. The fulfillment may not be something that society or other individuals expect the person to achieve. The achievement brings the individual great joy and gives them a sense of completion in life. Some people find personal fulfillment only one time in life, while others may come across it more often. In my own life I have felt personal fulfillment. An example of personal fulfillment in my own life was raising my niece. While raising my niece I felt like I was serving a purpose in life. Seeing her grow every day brought my life a great deal of joy. Another example of personal fulfillment was getting my current job at Kinderhook Early Learning…show more content…
Ruth grew up as an Orthodox Jew and her father was a rabbi. Ruth fought with being different because of her religious upbringing as a child. She had no friends until she was older. They did not share the same religion but they did share their secrets. There was still one thing that Ruth could not tell her friend, she did share her thoughts of not finding black people to be any different then herself. Ruth’s first love was to a black man, she got pregnant and was sent away because it was considered very wrong to be with someone of a different…show more content…
I realize that not everyone will be your best friend, but if I spend time obsessing over it and begin to hate them, it will just bring down my own life. Although if I love them, or like them I will go on not worrying about all the hate and live happier. I am trying to incorporate some of the life lessons from each of the three books into my own life, so I can allow myself more personal fulfillments and cease the opportunity at an unbelievable life. Feeling fulfillment in life can allow someone to feel happy and realize what they have been working hard for will come in the

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