Week 5 Assignment 1: Relationship Between Clinician And Patient

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Week 5 Individual Assignment Jose Luis Alamilla BHS/311 July 11, 2012 Peter Petsas Week 5 Individual Assignment The model of helping I have developed from my past personal experiences is to help those who really are in need. Not those who pretend they are in need, but are showing no effort to improve their situation. I am talking about people who are actually trying to change their life by any means necessary. The individuals who have finally realized they have hit their own personal rock bottom and are ready to do let go of their turbulent past. Too many people want to change without having to give up their network of negative influential acquaintances or are afraid of being ridiculed by their former drug addicted peers for being sober.…show more content…
If a strong clinician-patient relationship exists, it will maximize the program treatment results. The patient will be more willing to disclose more personal, but shameful information to his or her clinician. The trust between the clinician and patient must be earned not given, so this may take some time depending on the patient and how trustworthy he or she is of people. Once there is some progress in the relationship, the patient may start to disclose more and more critical information required by the clinician to more effectively help the patient. By having more information about the patient’s situation, the clinician should be able to devise courses of action specifically design for the respective patient’s needs and goals. Another factor that may break or make good results in a patient’s pursuit of reaching his or her goals is clinician and patient continuity. In some cases, some agencies have a high turnover rate among their human services specialists. Some patients may or may not like repeating their shameful, traumatic experiences to multiple clinicians. It may have been difficult enough for the patient to share the traumatic experiences with anyone, let alone continue to trust multiple clinicians who may or may not be there in the near future. So continuity amongst clinician and patient is paramount for the patient to receive maximum results. By having both a…show more content…
Because of my current mindset, I do not have time to waste on patients who might be “probable candidates” and only have the time for more dedicated patients. So if I was more open to lowering my high patient standards, I would probably be able to help a larger amount of patients. As constructed my model of helping only helps those who just need that extra guidance to achieve the patient’s goals. But by opening to more patients, I could become the seed planter as opposed to being the clinician who only reaps the benefits of another clinician before me. So if my model of helping could achieve the role of seed planter and the reaper of benefits rolled into one, then that would be the ideal model of helping for me. The model’s limitations would be a less amount of people getting positive results and the strength would be having a higher percentage rate of patients changing their life for the

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