Summary Of The Poem 'Shine, Perishing Republic'

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The second poem “Shine, Perishing Republic” by Robinson Jeffers mostly resembles my attitude towards America right now. I do believe that the government is trying to do anything possible to gain more power even if it means ruining or destroying the environment and society. I feel like the government pretends to actually care about our well-being but we're brainwashed to actually think that. I really don't understand how people can actually do whatever it is they want to do even if it isn't right just to make themselves happy and to have a good time. This era is actually really messed up, it seems like there isn't any structure with our society that everyone is just going with the flow of what's “in”. The government as well is just trying to fit in, if that makes sense, they're trying to make themselves look good for some…show more content…
A lot of people are just trying to get by life without ever stopping and thinking about how their actions are going to affect us now and later, they just go by life trying to get to the end without trying to make a change or impact in our world. Everyone should be here to do that. America does have it's good thoughts though, they have good means for the change that they want to do, but it's all talk, no action. We can't expect something to get done when all we do is talk about it, we have to actually get up and do something about the problems and the changes we think are here and should happen. I'm sure we could be an even greater nation, where people do care about what they do, and they think about everything they are going to do before even doing it.. They should ask themselves if what they about to do will affect the future and if in a good or bad
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