Letter From An Immigrant's Letter To The Patriot

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Shubhi Tangri 1st Period 1/24/12 AMERICAN REVOLUTION: LETTER TO THE EDITOR. We are a mistaken people. They think we care about something as petty as money. They think we have too much pride. They think they can oppress us because they are strong and we are weak. But I know that my people have hope and unity. I see nothing but fear in their actions, they’re afraid of losing us. In fact, it is no secret that they already have. We do not wish for the king to abdicate his throne nor do we wish for our motherland to face turmoil. We simply demand freedom and justice from the very individuals who have stripped us of our basic liberties, enslaved us, and robbed us. All we want is to be exonerated from this blame of causing turmoil in their country and freedom from their economical oppression. They blame us for starting the French and Indian War. But do they ever thank us for giving them new land? I am proud to be a patriot; it is the mere notion that we believe in our birth liberties that catalyzes this pursuit for independence. A coup shall rise if we are not given our ultimate freedom. They are hypocrites! Telling us to pledge allegiance to a country which takes “care” of us? Lies! They have violated their own constitution and abused us. They cannot raise taxes on us…show more content…
But instead of fulfilling their duty as listeners of our grievances, the parliament sends us to jail and imposes excessive bail on us. Is this not violation of the very own foundations which supposedly fortify the motherland? We supported the idea of a government on the promise of protection of our life, freedom, and possessions. Instead, minutemen snatch the lives of family and friends from their very hands, take over our houses, and force us to live in subordination. What have we done to deserve such

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