The Unjust of Just Law

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The Unjust of Just law Ethics 110 22 Jun 2010 In a democratic state it is in never within our rights to break the law. Breaking the law leads to lawlessness and disobedience from the democracy that we have worked, or have been born into. If the law is unjust, then it might be fair to break that law as long as you are willing to suffer the consequences of punishment set aside for that particular unjust law. Failure to adhere to the punishment is unjust as well, for failure to adhere to the punishment of the law is a statement that you do not respect the laws of your society. Martin Luther King Jr. states “Oppressed People cannot remain oppressed forever.” (Cahn, 2009 p. 387) As we have seen throughout history, this is a true statement. Oppression is not something that sits well with any type of person that is under the oppression. To resist the oppression, one must carefully chose those laws that they fill are unjust and oppresses them, and once they are chosen then one can make a stand against the oppression. Oppression is unjust law that limits the power of the people that are oppressed into feeling powerless. The United States fought of the oppression over the colonies in the late 1700’s by first peacefully protesting the unjust taxes waged against them. Slowing building into a common belief that the people in the colonies had the same rights as those of Britain, and asking for the same rights. After the government chose to ignore their rights, and tax more or in and out of the colonies did the American raise arms to separate from the tyrant rule of Britain. We still find certain laws unjust and willingly break them to bring forth the point of wrongdoing, and that issues need to be addressed in today’s society for the betterment of our children. We have people that chose to not wear their seatbelt in their vehicle. Which is a requirement in
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