Annexation of the Philippines Essay

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Mr. President: People are buzzing and pulses are rising. The country is anxiously awaiting your decision on the annexation of the Philippine Islands. As a concerned citizen and member of the Democratic Party, I believe that American colonization of the Philippines is a poor decision for the country. Such a decision would have to show significant advances for the country socially, economically, and politically; which it fails to do. The annexation of the Philippines will only destroy our honor as a country. The taking of the Philippines is in complete hypocrisy to the social morals we have established as a nation. The United States of America was founded by the men and women who fought against the colonization of England and demanded religious freedom - people who felt oppressed and voiceless as the government enforced Catholicism on all. Do we want to impose this type of dictatorship on others? They derived the Constitution specifically separating church and state. Why do we then have the need to run off and reform the Filipinos? Have we really become that full of ourselves that we believe our ways are better than everyone else’s? We are one of the youngest countries in the world and should cling to humility. While some men, like Senator Albert J. Beveridge of Indiana, believe in Anglo-Saxon superiority, I disagree. It is like we have taken nothing out of the Civil War. Our nation has just recovered from the loss of many men’s precious lives in the battle against superiority and the brutality of slavery; and again we are willing to risk thousands of lives at our next chance to declare our dominance. Our country wrote a Constitution that ensured free will to all men. As Honorable Isidor Rayner stated, “I can never consent to the proposition that this is a government function, and that it is our duty to deprive a single race on earth…” No man should ever be put

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