What Patriotism Means to Me

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When I think of patriotism I think of our Star Spangled Flag and what it represents. The Land of freedom where you are free to become whatever you want with your future. Patriotism doesn’t mean we complain about things like how much gasoline costs or how high the taxes are, it means that we truly have to be united and work together to make a better future for this country. To be a patriot you must show pride for your country. Perfect examples of patriots are the soldiers that risk their lives for our safety. They show passion for their country and what they believe in. Patriots can also be people like you and me who exhibit perseverance. For some of these people they can imagine George Washington in Valley Forge crossing the Delaware. For others the “I Have a Dream” plays in their minds knowing that they should always strive to do well in their society as other fine people do. Being a patriot however, doesn’t mean you have to think your country is perfect how it is. If you truly love your country you’ll find ways to make it as perfect as we can. The United States has always been a place where freedom has been sought. From the moment European settlers arrived to present-day. Americans have earned their freedoms and we need to proud to be proud of that. Patriots represent exactly what the flag does; strength, bravery, purity, innocence and that we are on guard for enemies. Patriots don’t betray their country. Patriots will support their country and help improve it in its darkest hours. The Pledge of Allegiance states exactly what a patriot should be. A patriot believes that this is one nation is indivisible and we believe in liberty and justice for all. Therefore, as we can see our red, white and blue waving flag from sunrise to sunset we’ll remind ourselves that we should be doing a well-being to the country we live in because it

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