Essay On Shame Of Torture

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The Shame of Torture “The use of torture on suspected terrorists after 9/11 has already earned a place in American history's hall of shame” (Weisberg 1). Going to torture it’s like taking the easy way out of interrogating the suspect. When torturing the suspect either will not speak up or they will just wait till they get tortured enough to die. Once the world stops using torture as an answer it will forever be dark and cruel. When the world thinks of interrogating they just go straight to torture, but when they craw away from that, there would be no enemies due because of their grudges toward countries. When using torture on suspects not only will it not work most of the time but it will mostly resolve in someone’s death. “President Obama has done the most important thing: reversing Bush's policy and declaring, as he did last week, that torture was unequivocally wrong” (Weisberg 1). Therefore using torture is just ruining the morale of countries especially the United States because we have rules. How come they can break the rules and other citizens can’t? Therefore torturing the suspects the United States has shouldn’t be tortured for doing the same thing our soldiers are doing, fighting for their country; even if the reason they are fighting is a…show more content…
This shows that when the country is all set and done with what they were doing that it will just hurt the morale of them. This argument could be differential to some, but they have to think that not only could it stop and possibly save countries but it could also save lives of many people. Therefore using torture does not help the cause in the world to this day; it will only keep destroying countries all
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