Threats In Information System Essay

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4. THREATS IN CLOUD COMPUTING 4..1 What is a Threat? A threat is simply any event that, if realized, can cause damage to a system and create a loss of confidentiality, availability, or integrity. [4]. Threats can be malicious, such as the intentional modification of sensitive information, or they can be accidental — such as an error in a transaction calculation or the accidental deletion of a file. A vulnerability is a weakness in a system that can be exploited by a threat.[5]. Reducing the vulnerable aspects of a system can reduce the risk and impact of threats on the system. For example, a password-generation tool, which helps users choose robust passwords, reduces the chance that users will select poor passwords (the vulnerability) and…show more content…
[6]. Availability relates to information or system being available when required by the business process now and in the future. [7] It also involves securing of necessary resources and associated capabilities. [6] Reliability and utility are also part of access control. Access control should support protection from an unauthorized, unanticipated, or unintentional modification of information. [6]. The protection should include preserving the data’s internal and external consistency. Information confidentiality should be maintained and information should be available at any time required. Access control also involves an aspect of accountability. Individuals on a system should be responsible for their actions. i.e. System activities should be to be traced to the right users. audit trails that record events on both the system and the network. Audit trails in systems support accountability, intrusion detection and tracing of past events. Accountability of users in a system, should match a company’s policy and appropriate laws. One way of alerting users that they are being monitored is use of banners at logon time. Some of ways of how we can mitigate both internal and external access

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