Summary: Kudler Fine Foods Audit Proposal

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Kudler Fine Foods Audit Proposal ACC/542 Kudler Fine Foods Audit Proposal Management of Kudler Fine Foods has requested the proposed audit schedules which will be discussed within this report. Distinguishing between the different types of audits to be used for each process will be defined, recommending the process most appropriate for each process and explaining how the audit will be performed and conducted, will each be explained and thoroughly discussed for management at Kudler Fine Foods. Events potentially having prevent reliance on auditing within the computer will also be a part of the audit schedules that have been requested. Providing the details mentioned will enable management to fully understand that process that will be taking…show more content…
This is when an auditor does an actual review of the processes and the security of these processes and makes “professional recommendations” on the implementation of systems, the security of the systems and software, and even recommendations on better implementation of the database management. SAS 70 is important for all processes, electronic and manual, that may be outsourced to third party companies or may be maintained by third party software. This report provides the company as well as the third parties with a report that provides information on the internal controls that are in place and their effectiveness within both businesses. This allows the organizations to determine whether or not they need to make changes to their processes to ensure the security of the data that is being shared between parties (Hunton, 2004, p. 217). Finally, SAS 94 addresses the need for the auditor, and its firm, to fully understand the programming and technology that is being used for any given company. This audit is going to address the IT systems themselves and the control risk that it presents. The auditor is going to work directly with the programmers and IT department to thoroughly at the software and hardware that is being used by the organization to keep its systems and stored data secure and accessible only by those parties that have the permissions to do so (Hunton, 2004, p. 219).…show more content…
This process will include the preliminary review, assemble the audit documents, conducting the on-site audit, and then finish and follow up activities. The preliminary review helps to determine how effective the results of the audit will be. By formulating a detailed plan for the audit, this ensures that the timeline, scope of the actual audit procedures, and the audit location, will be met for optimal results. Forming a preliminary list for personnel interviews to be conducted during the on-site review is also a pertinent part of the preliminary review process. Assembling the audit documents is critical for observations and recording information. Making sure that specific items, depending on the process, department or product being audited, are not forgotten is also an important part of the document phase of the

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