Case Study: Networking Service Request POS/421

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Networking Service Request POS/421 November 10, 2013 Contents Executive Summary 3 Networking Service Request 5 Design 5 Centralized Network Support 6 New Domain Structure 6 Encryption 6 Access Control 6 Domain Controllers 8 Ensuring Network Access 8 Ongoing Task 9 Conclusion 10 References 11 Executive Summary The existing systems at LaFleur Trading Company are not up to current security standards. The first step is bringing the company up to standard is to transition to Windows Server 2008 R2. This will allow for segregation of data where needed, better security, and a centralized network support system. The use of a centralized support system will allow the company to send updates to security protocols or software,…show more content…
AD is used to create the access controls and restrictions that are based on the individual user or group. OU are the individual users or groups in each domain and access can be managed or delegated based on the individual user or group. Access controls are used to authorized or limit access to data. The amount of access that is granted will be based on need-to-know; only users or groups that require the data will be able to access it. Permissions are based on what the user or group is allowed to do with the data that they have accessed. This includes the ability to alter, add, or delete data. Usernames, passwords, and encryption keys will be used to limit access to the network and to help the IT team keep track of who has used the network and when. This will help reduce the risk of unauthorized access. Gaining access to the network will be done using IPv4 and Mobile IPv4 (MIPv4) protocols. Both protocols will allow any device recognized by the network to connect from any location. IPv4 will be used for stationary devices and MIPv4 will be used for any mobile devices. Networking Service…show more content…
This threat is suspected due to the existing vulnerabilities that allow the unauthorized access of sensitive information across the existing network design. To thwart this effort and further secure Lafleur’s sensitive information the implementation of Access Control’s should occur. Access controls are used to authorize or limit object access to users, groups, and systems on the network or connected systems. Access control list consist of many areas that maintain a relationship with each other to provide an overall secure environment. The relationships that must be considered are: • Objects – This can be files, printers, computers, and other resources. • Access Tokens – the access token is used to verify access to the ACE for the object. Access Tokens are recreated at each log-on. • Access Control List (ACL) /Access Control Entries (ACE) – ACL is a table that indicates the access rights a user has access to as it relates to a particular object. ACE are each input of the ACL. • Operating System – Windows, UNIX,

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