Is3230 Unit 4.1

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Implementation of an Organization-Wide Security Plan When analyzing the network diagram I determined that the user, workstation, LAN, LAN-to-WAN, and system/application domains involved in the company should be redesigned to implement better access controls to provide multi-layered security. The most important access control implementation would be the user domain where the company should put emphasis on training; how to recognize social engineering attacks, how to create strong passwords, and how often they should be changed. The workstation domain should focus security via virus and malware scanning, operating system patching, and other types of application-level firewalls. To achieve a multi-layered security approach in the LAN domain I would recommend using an intrusion detection system and an intrusion prevention system to prevent unauthorized access. Security for the LAN-to-WAN domain should be implemented through the use of a firewall or DMZ to also prevent unauthorized access into the company’s network. The system/application domain would require virtual testing of everything before any implementation, hardening of all servers, and keeping up with patches and updates regularly after testing has been completed. Some of the more efficient ways to implement better access controls in a company would start with the proper level of authorization policies including physical controls for facilities. The authorization policy would appropriate entry system access controls that specify what areas are to be locked at all times and what type of locking mechanism should be implemented. It would also include the implementation of secondary locks on specific equipment and storage cabinets within the facility, and training goals on the recognition and prevention of social engineering attacks. Authorization policies will also include access controls for data by

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