AC 571: Should Companies Be Held Responsible?

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Companies Should Be Held Responsible AC 571 November 13, 2011 The business world has changed dramatically over the last decade. This change is because of the advancements made in technology. The advancements in technology brought about what is known as the internet. The use of the internet has changed how companies receive, transmit, and stores important information. Because transactions take place over the internet companies have to ensure that the customer’s personal information is safe along with the company’s information. Companies use different types of security programs to keep information safe from computer attacks. Computer attacks on a company can happen when the security program is not effective enough to keep these attacks from happening or from the lack of monitoring of the security program from management. The task of monitoring the security program is given to management, so companies should be held liable for losses sustained in a successful attack made on its AIS by outside sources. In the following an explanation of management’s role and why a company should be held liable. Managements Role in the Protection of Information Management’s role within a company is very important. Management is responsible for ensuring that operations run smoothly. Included in this task is information security. Information security is vital for every organization and should be managed at the highest level (Romney & Steinbart, 2000). Some companies…show more content…
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