BUGusa, Inc. Case Scenario

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A. Define the different types of legal protections BUGusa, Inc. should have for its intellectual property. Explain why these protections are necessary. a. BUGusa, Inc. has a logo that is a ladybug wearing a set of headphones. In order to protect this, they need to register this trademark every ten years. Although it is recommended to register a trademark, it is not mandatory. Instead they can attach the TM symbol. This will tag the logo and give the company authority to prosecute if other companies try to use or steal the logo for their own purposes. It is necessary to register or at least attach the TM symbol, because without it, anyone will be able to use and make claim of this symbol. (CSOonline.com, 2003) b. Another way to protect IP is with use of Digital Rights Management. Through the use of DRM, BUGusa, Inc. intellectual property will be secure and “monitized”. Other types of risks that BUGusa, Inc. can potentially face without property protection and poor management are: loss in customer trust, penalties for law violations, compliance risk, availability risk, access risk, and more. (Priviti, 2008) B. Discuss in detail what types(s), if any, of civil liability Steve and/or WIRETIME may face if caught. a. BUGusa is facing the issues of their work being stolen and internet hacking. Not to mention WIRETIME is unethical in their actions. Computer hacking is considered criminalizing under The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Under this, BUGusa would have the right to obtain compensatory damages and court ordered relief or other just relief. Steven and WIRETIME may be sued for the executed plot performed because it is unlawful to purposely access computer information without authority to do so, under section 1030 (a)(2) – Unlawful Access to Obtain Information. If he is caught in the act, he can be charged under Uniform Trade Secrets Act. Under tort theories,
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