Dasher Case Writeup Essay

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1. On which dimensions does Dasher compete? What kind of process have they adopted? Justify you answer. Does it make sense given their business strategy? What are the long-term consequences of the recent quality and lead-time problems? Productivity Quality Delivery problems 2. Flowchart the physical process flow for a typical order. Discuss also the information flows required to operate such a process. PREPARATION Artwork Generation - Master artwork received from customer Inspect & Shear - Drill Tooling Holes IMAGE TRANSFER – Configure board according to customer specifications Drilling Manual (X,Y) Coordination given by the customer on Compact Disk (CD). CNC drill “ “ Metalization Dry film photoresist 1. Panel Prep 2. Laminate & Expose 3. Develop Electroplate Strip DFPR Etch & Tin Strip FABRICATION - according to customer artwork Soldermask Solder Dip Profiling Punch Press CNC Router Inspect, Test, pack 3. If the drilling state were the only stage in the process, which drilling technology would you use for any particular order size: the CNC drill or one of the 7 manual drills? (assume that orders cannot be split on multiple machines.) Similarly, what order size policy would you institute at the profiling stage? How do your proposed policies compare to current practice? Explain why there is a difference, if any. Would use the CNC drill Order size should be at least 2,960 holes (should maintain 15 + 0.08X > 240 + 0.004 X) At profiling stage X > 200 (should maintain 50 + X > 150 + 0.5 X) 4. Use the dasher Excel model to study the throughput times of carious order sizes. How do they compare to Dasher’s quoted lead times? What type of order is the most profitable? 5. Identify the bottleneck based on September’s utilization of each stage of the process. Utilization can

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