Tlip4001A Essay

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TLIP4001A ASSESSMENT ACTIVITY 1: How can examining future opportunities and directions help towards the contribution of a shared vision and values for the workplace, and the shaping of business goals and objectives? A customer service delivery plan is a strategic and tactical plan for achieving marketing objectives. It is a detailed document that determines how new business will be acquired and how the existing customer base will be maintained and strengthened. Customer service delivery plans are not just about targets and how to achieve/exceed these targets. ASSESSMENT ACTIVITY 2: Why is it necessary, as part of the planning process for customer service teams, to review previous performance and successful approaches and to identify factors affecting performance? Where does the information come from and how is it used? To identify organisational strategic direction and develop new customer service delivery plans it is necessary to study historical customer data- previous service delivery performance. When designing and developing your plan it might be necessary to make estimates of the customer service delivery for a particular service for the next four quarters. To do this it will be necessary to review the actual customer data for the service in question for past periods. Customer service data helps identify the factors, both positive and negative, that influence new business. By understanding the relevant patterns and conditions it is possible to create new customer service delivery plans that maximise desired influences while minimising those that are undesirable. ASSESSMENT ACTIVITY 3: Describe the process for researching customer needs and analysing and interpreting the outcomes to establish business options and opportunities. Consideration of past performance and analysis of the new data and records currently held in the organisation will give
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