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Human service agencies rely on effective and clear results to receive notification and future funding options. The Greenby Community Mental Health Center board members perceive the cutbacks on the Consultation and Education department of the center as realistic and inevitable. This paper will reveal a process evaluation measure and an outcome evaluation measure that can assist the director of the Consultation and Education department at the health center provide adequate evidence toward the importance of this retaining this program. This paper will include the scope and purpose of each process, how each process influences the design, and the impact efficiency of the program. In addition, this paper will share the issues and challenges that…show more content…
For example, if the client is better off after the application of the intervention in comparison to the prior assistance. Applying a logic model to this evaluation will measure the changes of skills, behaviors, understanding, values, and independence for each client. The measurements will address the prior behaviors and skills in comparison to the present behaviors and skills to document the achievement changes. These measures come from data collection involving client satisfactions surveys, special measurement instruments, and the service professional that can accurately account for specific influences in these evaluations. In addition, the outcome evaluation can prepare the organization for a long-term intervention that can create changes in the community of the organization and the surrounding businesses and community stakeholders. The scope and purpose of evaluation measures can assist the researcher manage the information that defines the what, who, and why of a program design. The scope also includes people that the program brings in for other resources provided by the center. The purpose of the process and outcome evaluation measures involve identifying specific data regarding the implementation of the program and ensuring the intended results of the program occur. These measures can also show the changes that occur from the program’s…show more content…
These evaluations can show the different steps that implement community in the center by the mental health division connecting with a fully functional consultation and education division. The evaluation can reveal the control of skills and expertise that assist in the intervention aspect to achieve short or long-term goals for each client. Through record keeping, surveys, questionnaires, and statistical data collection the director can prove to the executive director and the board that this program is capable of further development to help the organization and extend the client

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