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Scrubbing Bubbles® Executive Summary By understanding the brand’s current position in the marketplace, its strengths, its weaknesses and its opportunities for improvement, we has developed a strategic marketing plan that fits perfectly with SC Johnson’s ideals as a company. The research first considers market forces affecting the brand and its competitors and then identifies key success factors for the industry. Each of Scrubbing Bubbles’ top competitors is examined so that the brand’s relative market position becomes clear. Once an understanding of the industry and the competition has been demonstrated, the focus turns to SC Johnson as a company. This internal analysis considers how SC Johnson’s identity and reputation affects the brand image of Scrubbing Bubbles. The brand’s current market share, target audience and objectives are presented along with an explanation of the current marketing mix. This section includes the current strategies being employed. The situational analysis concludes with the identification of what we perceives to be the biggest hurdle for the brand’s continued success in the marketplace. In getting over the hurdle, we proposes a strategy that puts SC Johnson’s strengths and resources to effective use. This section begins with a recap of the opportunities identified in the situational analysis. We then identifies how SC Johnson can capitalize on those opportunities by implementing the proposed strategy. The focus throughout this section of the report is on differentiating the brand in a way that is meaningful to the consumer. Our objectives for the proposed strategy are presented, along with a description of the target consumer. Next, the report breaks down the necessary changes to Scrubbing Bubbles’ current marketing mix. Promotional efforts for the proposed campaign are described along, with a month by month

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