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7 Essential Herbs for Natural Beauty Overview The fact is and remains that natural beauty is enigmatic. One would question, what does natural beauty really mean? And what is meant to be natural beauty? Different people hold different opinion, but there is a common factor people will agree on. Overtime, humans have been beautifying by use of plant's best skin and hair helpers. It neither unique that, the ingredients for cosmetics is full of plant names. Gratefully, a person can create own beauty products by use of common herbs. Thereby, natural glow becomes less costly. Extensive herbs are uses for natural beauty: Aloe Vera Dead skin cells and excess sebum are dissolved by enzymes within the aloe Vera. The herb provides relief for a number…show more content…
It is used to treat wounds and burns, minor skin infections, and cyst among others. Gel is easily and favorably used by people of different skin types. The leaves of aloe Vera has anti-oxidants that prevent skin wrinkles. These improve the natural firmness of the skin and keep the skin hydrated. Adding on that, gel application improves the skins elasticity, hence reducing lines and facial wrinkles. Thyme Thyme produces an essential oil, thyme oil. The oil is one of the favorites in natural beauty. Topically it can be used to prevent acne and hair loss. Not only does the thyme oil provide antibacterial properties, but also provide a number of health benefits. It relieves wounds, bites and sores problems. Hence, thyme helps to avoid a dull complexion on the skin. It also treats scalp preventing hair loss. In one of the research, published in the Journal of Lipids Research, essential thyme oil showed the ability to suppress the inflammatory cyclooxygenase-2 enzyme. This is as a result of chemical constituent carvacrol.…show more content…
It strengthens the skin own defense system from within. It provides a protective shield, from sun exposure. Thus, it is important to use sunscreens containing licorice as a main ingredient to offer protection against harmful rays of the sun. Gotu Kola One of the oldest herbs one has ever heard of, and most beneficial. Treats wounds and fastens healing. It is renowned for fighting back facial wrinkles while stimulating new cell growth. It is rich in amino acid, beta carotene, fatty acids and numerous potent phytochemicals. The extract calms inflammation, speeds wound healing and stimulate new cell growth. A research conducted on how gotu kola heals wounds, identified specific plant chemicals, triterpenoid saponins. These help heal wound by boosting antioxidants, increasing blood supply to the affected area and strengthening the skin. Rosemary Apart from the herb being used for skin and hair treatment, it also improves memory. Can be added to food or used as topical oil, whereby it naturally fights dandruff and promotes hair growth. Also greatly controls acne, eczeon, and

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