Green Ox Market Analysis

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Introduction In this report, we analyze the data presented in the “Green Ox” case, with a view to determining a marketing strategy for Palmer Jackson, Inc. The time is fall of 2003; the data presented is with reference to this, if not explicitly stated otherwise. All market research data has been provided by Marketing Studies, Inc. Other mentioned data has been taken from the case. Data from any other sources is explicitly identified. Attribute/Benefit Analysis As per consumer research, the following is the list of perceived key attributes and benefits of sports drinks, vegetable juices and antioxidant pills: Attributes Benefits Remarks Sports drinks -Contains electrolytes. -Comes in many flavors. -Not carbonated. Easy to ingest and digest. -Easy to carry to the gym and playing field/court. -Helps restore hydration. - Makes them feel like an athlete. Older people prefer a self-perception of being athletic. V7 -Contains vegetables. -Looks like tomato juice. - Contains natural antioxidants. -Cancer prevention. -Good for overall health. - V7 drinkers found health a primary benefit. -Ideals-oriented people mentioned antioxidants as a benefit and were more likely to mention it as a primary benefit of V7. Antioxidant pills -Contains antioxidants. -Cancer prevention. -Good for overall health. We find that most of the above attributes and benefits can be addressed by Green Ox in its present form. This fact, coupled with the following, support its entry into the market: 1. Antioxidants benefits: Benefits include anti-aging properties like maintaining healthy hair, nails and skin, protecting from cellular damage. Medical benefits include reduced risk of cancer, particularly lung, prostate, and colorectal (source: 2. Sports drinks market category growth rates are robust, as shown below (growth

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