Dante's Inferno

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Dante’s Wrath In Dante’s Inferno, Dante creates order and symmetry throughout the entire inferno based on his own beliefs. He has the inferno set up by how he interprets the seven deadly sins and going from the one he thinks is less hideous to the worst sin of all. It is divided into nine circles that get increasingly lower and at the very bottom is Satan. He then splits it in to an upper hell and a lower hell; each hell contains the seven sins but in the upper hell the sins are done without the control of the person and in lower hell the person is fully aware of his sins and he tries to hide these sins. Dante develops a sense of symmetry throughout the entire inferno through his placement of the sin of lust in the inferno and his punishment for that sin. Dante believes that of all the sins, lust belongs higher up in hell because it is the least ungodly of the sins. He places it in the first circle which is in the upper hell. Dante describes the punishment in this circle for lust as, “the infernal storm, eternal in its rage,/ sweeps and drives the spirits with its blast:/ it whirls them, lashing them with punishment” (Dante V, 31-33). He believes that this punishment fits their sin because those that lust in life are constantly striving for something other than God, which they cannot obtain much like being blown around and never being able to get a firm grasp on the ground. They are being swirled around much like their emotions in life. The reason that he decides that lust is so high up in hell is because he believes that lust is a loss of physical and emotional control for someone and that it is human nature to love so he decides to not punish those as harshly. In this circle he also puts those who not only lusted but were lusted for and did nothing to stop it. He asks his guide Virgil to name people that now reside here and he replies with, “there is
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