Bringing Dante’s Inferno to Modern Times

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"The sound of fluttering filled the air And the relentless chattering of Lucifers' tongues. I hide behind my guide, my senses unable to bare The pain these men were dealt, even me it stung Virgil told me these are the men who have used Their bodies to defile the young They pay their debts in Hell, forever abused" People today are generally considered, for better or worse, desensitized due to a near constant stream of media coverage of crime and death in the world. Yet, there is always an uproar and cry for justice to be served in the case of sex crimes. There is something particularly heinous about them in the public’s opinion. In Dante’s Inferno, an epic poem about Dante’s journey into the depths of Hell, he comes across many different evils that we experience in everyday life on Earth. Virgil takes Dante through rings of Hell where he witnesses the punishing of sinners for different things, such as lacking self control or violence. These sins are broken down into specifics, but of all the many crimes Dante speaks of, it is worth noting that sex crimes do not come up as their own ring in Inferno. Understandably so, since at the time it may have been taboo to talk about. However, in modern society, sex crimes are a growing problem that are gaining attention. If Dante were to rewrite the Inferno for a modern audience, he would surely include this sin in his comedy. Morality is the sense of whether an action is “good” or “bad”; what is punishable behavior and what is rewardable behavior. Morals will often vary between cultures, basing themselves upon what that cultures hold important and valuable. What makes sex crimes an interesting offense to write about is that, among generally all the cultures of the world, they are deemed despicable. There is little debate about the morality of this. As such, sex crimes are a sin against orthodoxy
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