Jumper Themes Essay

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The amount of abuse is society cannot be controlled. Any type of abuse can leave someone emotionally damaged. Someone who experiences abuse is most likely to become an abuser himself. Steven Gould, in Jumper demonstrates how abuse affects one’s mind and ethics. Carl, David’s father has abused David for his whole life and this has really shaped what type of personDavid has become. Topper abuses David leaving him wanting revenge. And Cox abuses his way to get David by taking the love of David’s life. All this abuse from people in different ways affects his life negatively. Physical abuse has many reasons such as control, harm and to injure. Physical abuse causes memories and hate of ungrateful events, as it did to David. Knowing David’s dad, Carl’s condition of being an alcoholic, single father, it is easily recognized that David’s way of life is not simple. “[Carl] leaned close and the whiskey on his breath made [David’s] eyes water. [David] flinched back and he [Carl] grabbed the back of [David’s] neck with fingers like a vise. ‘You’re nothing but a lazy brat. I’m going to beat some industry into you if I have to kill you to do it.”’ (Gould, 3)
David’s earlier years have been hard, resulting him being unpopular, and being unsatisfied. David begins to feel sick and tired of the abuse from his father and decides to run away from home. David starts to develop hatred towards his father, wanting to hurt and give him the pain he has felt over the years. “[David] pictured things, played them out in [his] head, a hundred different violent acts.... It was when [David] realized [he] could kill him and get away with it.” (Gould, 115) David’s anger towards his father has turned in to infuriate. Now that David has more power over his father, he uses the same method Carl used over him; separating from reality and physical abuse. “[David] jumped [Private Island] and hit [Carl],
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