Breakfast Club Essay

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The Breakfast Club As a senior in high school I am aware of the stereotypes and high standards given to people. The movie The Breakfast Club has characters that are also struggling with these problems, one character in particular Andy. Andy is a very popular, good looking jock. Throughout his life Andy has been forming his image of self, or how you are perceived by others and yourself. Andy’s image of self coming into the movie is a popular jock that is better than everyone else. He pays little attention to anyone outside his “social status”. I think that this image was formed mainly due to his father. Growing up Andy’s father had told him that losing is not acceptable and that you have to win to be anyone in life. Andy’s father is an example of the role of self in others; you only become self based on the relationships you are in. If Andy’s father did not put the idea of possible self in his head, the ideal image we have of ourselves, than Andy would not have felt it necessary to be stuck up, and might have become friends with different types of people. Andy has lived his whole life trying to become the “ideal” son for his father, but in reality no one can be “ideal” or perfect. Upon entering the detention room, Andy and the other students quickly made their first impressions of one another. These impressions quickly placed stereotypes among them; Andy being the jock, Claire the popular princess, Bender the thief, Alison the psychopath, and the “Brian” being the genius. After spending the day with all these different personalities, Andy reminisces a time he beat up another guy to make himself feel bigger and tougher amongst his friends. He soon realized what a mistake it had been, understanding how difficult it would be for him to go home and face his father. Andy has been through the torment of never being good enough in his father’s eyes and he

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