Cole Matthews. Profile Of a Troublesome Teen.

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|Cole Matthews: Profile of a Troublesome Teen| "It's your fault. It's all your fault," the teen curses while spitting at his poor victim. He pulls the vulnerable boy up by the collar and punches him repeatedly in the gut and then drops him to his knees and starts kicking him. When he realizes that the boy is no longer conscious, he stumbles away from the scene. Why do people beat up others? Is it because they are in pain themselves, insecurity, stress? Anger? Cole is a troublesome teen himself. Because of his over-reliance of his parents, he thinks everything is their fault; his anger is uncontrollable and he barely has any respect for anything. 'Irresponsible.' What's the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear that word? Someone who lies and tries to cover his or her mistakes? Someone who blames everyone else for the consequences of their actions? Someone who doesn't own-up to their actions and try to make the situation better again? Cole is that 'someone'. He goes to the island mad at his parents because all the other times that he was in trouble with the law, his parents would pay the fees and get him out, however, this time, none of that happens. It was his mistake for beating up Peter anyways, yet he's mad at his parents and his lawyer because they didn't get him out. He's mad at Peter for not being able to fight back and Garvey, for convincing him to join the Circle. Also, when he is on the island, he regrets going there and wishes that he just went straight to jail because at jail, he would be comfortable. He has told people that he truly wanted to be part of this Circle and so other people have been donating their time to help him "cure" and become a better person, but he makes a plan to escape the island after he arrives there. " 'How would you feel if a bear made its den beside this stream?' Garvey asks. Cole shrugged, 'I'd kill it.'

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