12 Angry Men Character Essay

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12 Angry Men Essay Eric Juror #3 was the antagonist throughout the story, he argued with everyone and stuck to his belief throughout the story. Juror #3 was also biased and very angry with all the other jurors, and that impacted what others thought about him, but towards the end of the movie juror #3 has a emotional breakdown and showed everyone why he was being biased and angry. Juror #3 was very opinionated, rude, and has hidden sensitive side. Juror #3 was very opinionated he crossed over the line into insensitivity and rudeness about the defendant being guilty. His opinions stayed strong threw the whole story until the end when he revealed is true feelings about his teenaged son who causes him to be hateful and opinionated about everything. He used every bit of evidence to prove he was guilty but a lot of the other jurors did not change their minds about the defendant being guilty or not guilty. Juror #3 is very rude and everyone knows it, he expresses himself as a loud mouth who has no manners. He loud mouths all the jurors and causes them to think negatively towards him. He also picks fights with all the other jurors, he even threatened to kill juror #8 after he called him a sadist. He expressed a lot of anger in his thoughts which changed the way a few jurors thought of the defendant. No one knew till the end when juror #3 started crying and revealed his sensitive side. He looked grumpy and disturbed the whole movie and his emotions finally break lose. The real reason he was being so obnoxious was because he had issues with his teenage son which effected his opinions about teenagers. That is why he was voting guilty throughout the movie. No one knew about his son, and background so they had no clue why he was so obnoxious. When juror #3's emotions were revealed everyone knew why he was so angry and that changed everyone thought about him.

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