Emotions In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies by William Golding is about surviving on a deserted island after a boarding school charter plane got shot down in the midst of WWII. The only survivors are the young boys who are then stranded on the island to fend for themselves. The boys, like Jack, Ralph, Piggy, and Simon, make their own government in the beginning but then struggle to keep the order. Eventually the group brakes apart and order is symbolically gone within the boys as they turn savage because of the beast within them. The boys seem to lose all control of the tribe and of themselves. Their strong emotions get in the way of their thought process causing anarchy and many other problems in the novel. Although it may cause some problems it also bonds some of…show more content…
The savage boy’s emotions really control them and their emotions lead to many different feelings or actions, usually bad, but in Ralph’s case his emotions turn to anger when he is frustrated with the savages. In this quote Ralph is running through the woods trying to avoid being caught and killed by Jacks tribe. He then stops and sees the sows head and out of rage from his war-like predicament he smacks it onto the ground. “The skull regarded Ralph like one who knows all the answers and won’t tell. A sick fear and rage swept him. Fiercely he hit out at the filthy thing in front of him that bobbed like a toy and came back, still grinning into his face, so that he lashed and cried out in loathing” (Golding 185). His emotion really got to him because he couldn’t understand how Jack and his tribe could be that sick and careless. In this example Ralph is enraged with Jack and his tribe because they don’t understand the importance of the signal fire. “A gust of rage shook Ralph. His voice cracked. “Don’t you understand, you painted fools? Sam, Eric, Piggy and me—we aren’t enough. We tried keeping the signal fire going but we couldn’t. And then you, playing at hunting…”(Golding 178). He is also probably mad because his tribe is all work and no play and he sees that it’s not fair that Jacks tribe is all play and no work. His emotion turns to anger for Jack because the main objective is to get rescued but Jack is too arrogant to want to work to make it happen. Anger is an important emotion because it leads to violence like in the death of Piggy, Simon, and the attempt to kill
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