The Kite Runner Review

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Hristy Prado Marlene Broemer Writing 121 January 3, 2014 The Kite Runner Review The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini is by far the best book and film someone could ever read and see. We can anticipate that Hosseini’s story relates to his early life, for example SparkNotes Editors write, “Khaled Hosseini was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, on March 4, 1965. Lavish parties were normal at the Hosseini family’s home in the upper-middle class neighborhood of Wazir Akbar Khan. Hosseini’s father served as a diplomat with the Afghan Foreign Ministry, and his mother taught Farsi and history at a local high school for girls. ”(SparkNotes Editors). Amir’s family was rich and his mother was a teacher as well. The Kite Runner is a beautiful story about Amir, an Afghan boy who betrays his closest and loyal friend, Hassan, when they were 12 years old. Amir was the son of a very successful and wealthy man in Kabul, Afghanistan, which made Amir blind to humbleness; although his father was very kind to his servants. Amir and his father lived with their servants, Ali and his son, Hassan. Despite their social status, Ali was also a very good friend to Amir's father. Amir was jealous of Hassan because he had characteristics his father admired even though Hassan was a poor Shia. Throughout the novel, Hassan is soon attacked by Pashtun boys; wealthy, from the Sunni class. Amir was in the corner of the alley, not having enough courage to stand up for his friend that is soon brutally abused. From then on, he lived with his guilt for many years. His shame is complicated by his own realization that he partly doesn’t help his friend, precisely because he is jealous of him, as well as being a coward. Soon his own shame drives him nearly crazy and in desire to end his pain, he sets Hassan and his father up for a shame so great they have to leave the home, which will seemingly free Amir of his
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