The Kite Runner Chapter 1 Summary

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Sam Stearns Summer Reading Assignment Chapter One of How To Read Literature Like a Professor all about a little boy named amir he is the son of baba, this took place in the winter time in Afghanistan . Amir was joining a kite runner tournament with his friend Hassan. Before this tournament meant Amir and Hassan were on the street and these men come over and take and rape him and Amir just sat here and watched and didn't know what to do and Amir feels regret for that and so know he think he need to make his father proud of him. This tournament was going to be one of the biggest tournaments held in 25 years. Amir every time he was in a tournament he always wanted to will to make his father proud. So when he couldn't sleep the night before…show more content…
IT LOOKS LIKE YOU HAVE TROUBLE AT TIMES WITH COMPLETE SENTENCES OR WONDERING WHERE TO PUT THE END PUNCTUATION MARK. WE'LL WORK ON THIS. Chapter 26 its fosters second two last chapter in his book,How To Read Like a Professor. It talks about irony and explains irony. Towards the end of the Kite Runner has a lot of of irony, The first example is in chapter seven in the Kite runner and how Amir watches Hassan get rapped he does nothing to help his friend out. HOW DOES AMIR'S "WATCHING" REVEAL IRONY? The second example is near the end of story, when Amir goes back to pakistan and talks to Rahim Khan, Rahim Khan tells Amir all the things his father did not. He finds out that Hassan is his half brother. When Amir was going back to Kabul, he finds Assef the man who rapped His Best friend, He's see Sorhab Hassan child getting rapped too. When Amir and Sorhab were trying to get away, Sorhab used the same method that his father had used with the sling shot and shot him in the face and they got…show more content…
The kite runner is in the same boat, in the Kite Runner there are a couple that get sick and die. First example in the kite runner how Amir father (Baba.) Right after Amir marriage his father past a way from cancer Before the marriage Baba cancer spreads to his head and forces him to the hospital. At the hospital amir asks of him to go to general Taheri and ask his daughters hand in marriage. Amir and his father go the next day for the traditional ceremony of “giving word and Taheri give his words. Baba get Amir wedding ready and gets him every thing he needs. Amir and Soraya get married but Amir father did not live much longer after their marriage but Amir was happy his dad got to see him get married. The second example is later in the story Rahim got the same type of cancer and left and told Amir to not come looking for him. I think died at some

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