Chris Mccandless in Into the Wild

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In the film, 'Into the Wild' directed by Sean Penn, an interesting character is Christopher McCandless. Chris has a dream that he wants to follow of leaving behind everything and living off the wild in Alaska. Chris is portrayed as a very complex character as he is both compassionate to those he meets on his journey and arrogant about all he had and how his choices affected those around him. Chris McCandless is a young boy who has just graduated college and sets off on a journey across America. His dream is to live out of society, alone. Although the film shows he was compassionate towards those he met along his journey that helped him. For example, he talks to Jan about her family problems and gives Ron Franz a sense of family and belonging. He cares about them, even if there are things he doesn't like about people. This changes the viewers reaction to Chris as at the start, he is very arrogant to his family, but these things shows how he can be compassionate. Another reaction to Chris' personality was his arrogance to his family. His parents looked after him and at the start offered him a car, but he was arrogant about the life he had. He threw it all away, traded the life so many would want for a life in the wild. He realises that his family and the people who were part of his journey cared for him but he rejects their love and goes to live alone. However, at the end he realises his arrogance and that 'happiness is only real when shared'. Overall, the Director, Sean Penn portrays Chris as a very complex character as he has both positive and negative sides to him. His compassion for those he met and who helped him along his journey showed how he can care about people and this a very positive reaction. His arrogance towards his family has a negative reaction but he realises that he can't be alone in the world at the end. There are many reactions that the
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