”Analysis of American Beauty

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”Analysis of American Beauty” 1. Characterization The Fitts family: The Fitts consists of Mr. Fitts. The Antagonist, in this family. He is an X military man with blocked feelings. He beats his son Ricky when something is wrong and he gets angry at him. He has a big collection of Nazi stuff from the war and a lot of guns that he cares a lot for. He does not trust anybody really and in the end of the movie he really shows us he is in to men. He is very aggressive, and think Ricky is gay and on drugs. Ricky Fitts The protagonist, in this family. He is the son and the only child in the family. He is a drug dealer but he is not gay like his father thinks. He is very interested in Jane, and they make couple. He is a very different guy compared to others and he does not care for his job as a waiter because that is just a “hide out”. He is good friends with Lester, and sells pot to him. Mrs. Fitts is damaged. She has lived with her husband in many years and she is mental closed. She does not hear what people say to her, and she is not active in the family. She does not argue with anyone about anything, and she seems very sad. Lester Burnham. The main character changes through the film in the beginning he’s someone that most people can relate to. At 42 years old, he is going through a mid-life crisis, which actually turns out to be the end of his life. He has a well-paid job and a nice house. However, he doesn’t like his job and has some marriage troubles with his wife, and feels depressed and hopeless. He ends up changing quite a bit, when he gets sexually obsessed with his daughter’s friend Angela. He decides to quit his job, starts smoking a lot of marijuana, starts working out, and decides to not take any more from his wife. He’s wife Carolyn Burnham is frustrated with her husband. They do not get along well at all. There is one scene where they are actually not
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