Theme Of Adversity In Counterparts

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Adversity, defined as a situation that is unpleasant. The reality surrounding this word is what differentiates our world from the idea of Elysium. On our world, this word describes reality that is inescapable. This reality includes hardship, grief and misfortune. In Counterparts, Farrington’s world is a world full of adversity no doubt. In a day, Farrington’s adversity stretches from Farrington’s monotonous job and arrogant boss to his ridiculous drinking habits. The adversity of the day converts to anger that Farrington brings home to his family. Therefore, Counterparts illustrates to me that adversity in Farrington’s life consumed him, shaping his identity negatively. Farrington’s most striking adversity and as it looks, the source of adversity…show more content…
This is known early in Counterparts as while Farrington is being scolded the first time by Mr. Alleyne he is thinking about drinking later on that night, “leaving after it a sharp sensation of thirst. The man recognized the sensation and felt that he must have a good night's drinking”. It is also clear he is an alcoholic when he pawns his pocket for drinking money. Personally, I can understand why Farrington would want to drink alcohol. He is having a rough day, and needs a way of escaping from the reality of his adversity. For me, a way of escaping a rough day is to get lost in a movie, where the adversity is of the characters, and none of yours to worry about. Unfortunately, drinking to escape the adversity in reality really just creates more adversity for oneself. We see this in counterparts when Farrington arrives home. On top of all the adversity Farrington has gone through during the day the alcohol brings out rage in Farrington to the point of beating his own son which simplifies down to more adversity in Farrington’s life. This amount of adversity in Farrington’s life consumes him which gives him a negatively
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