Dante's Inferno Relevance To Today

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Dante’s Inferno Relevance to Today Dante created a hell in Dante’s Inferno that portrays what Dante believe hell was. Dante’s hell is outlandish to many readers, but in some instances the text does have relevance to today’s society. In other cases, the times have changed therefore the relevance of Dante’s Inferno to today’s society has decreased. Gluttony is one of the most persistent issues today. In Dante’s hell, people that were accused of this sin constantly get rained on by fecal matter to punish them for what they have done. Today, it is considered by society to be disgusting and repulsive if a person is overweight; overweight people are regarded as gluttons. There is no doubt that many of these people live in hell in Dante’s hell and today. They are shunned, scorned and mocked by society for the way they look. Not only are they scorned and hated by society, but also most scorn and hate themselves even if they do not show it every day. Similarly to Dante’s time, even in today’s society gluttony is considered to be a wrongdoing by others. In our day, lust is not seen as corrupt as it was in Dante’s time. A large part of the community does not consider it immoral to have sexual relationships with one or more partner and yet many people are not finding happiness, they are satisfying lust and perhaps finding that that is not enough. They drift from one relationship to another constantly searching for who knows what. In Dante’s generation lust is measured as dishonest and against all values of the time. Although many people still believe this today, the values of one’s sexual relations with others have dramatically decreased from the time of Dante. Depending on one’s moral standards, one’s opinion on sodomy may vary. The issue of homosexuality today is one that can cause great contention. There are those who hold the belief that homosexuality is not
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