Homosexuality And Assisted Suicide: Chapter Summary

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This reading was about the viewpoints of heterosexuals who feel and question if homosexuality should be eliminated. Many do not feel that this is a way of life, and this reading proved the viewpoints of many who see homosexuality as a disease, immoral, lecherous, or anti-social. Even though those who do not agree or approve with homosexuality, they stand it. Throughout this reading, it talks about how society deals with homosexuality, trying to cure it when, really, society is just making it worse. Society makes it clear their disapproval of homosexuality, but tries to punish it in a way that does not begin to “cure” it at all. Being homosexual is not a choice somebody has, according to the reading, a man/woman discovers his/her sexuality has progressed within time, and by then, it becomes to late. The homosexual goes through society with the knowledge that this is already not okay, sending him underground and already having to hide who he is. Since the homosexual…show more content…
“Is Your Baby Gay? What if You Could Know? What If You Could Do Something About It? (2 March 2007), United States This reading, to summarize, was about the development of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), a test that can now check for over 1,300 different chromosomal abnormalities or patterns. With DNA analysis, the genetic factors could determine eye colour and hair colour. This reading, in a sense, is a way for society to cure homosexuality because, if the prof was there that your child would be gay, would you really choose to keep him/her? No. you would most likely abort it. This is not even the beginning of a cure of homosexuality, as all persons are made and accepted equally in the image of god, and aborting a child who shows proof of being gay, is not allowing to be equally accepted. We must stop confusing the issues if moral responsibility with moral choice, and equally accept one another as a human, not based on a humans sexuality.

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