Hate Crimes

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Hate Crimes Hate crime, are directed against different types of people that poses a challenge toward the public enemy, organizations, groups. Such hate crimes are anything from arson, harassment, personal assaults to killings. American society views hate crimes as being bias such as the killings of African Americans. The first recorded hate crime came back in 1922 and still goes on as of today. The hate crime can be brutal such as lynchings. People will join groups because of all the anger they have build up on the inside, this makes them feel inferior. Hate crimes are crimes committed against a particular race and ethnic group. Victims are beleaguered because of their race and…show more content…
Ethno-violence this type of crime doesn’t call for legal normal however, is still a hate crime. Mission hate crimes are an act of “war” against different people. Thrill hate crime are usually done by a younger crowd seeking pleasure. There are different hate groups everywhere such as, White Supremacy, Neo-Nazi, Volksfront, Racist Skinheads, Hammerskins, American Front, The Vinlanders Social Club, Supreme White Alliance, Fraternal White Knights, Racists prison groups. The list goes on and on however, with all the hate groups they all mean the same thing and they all commit crimes against other people. It has been known that different groups enticed the young people to join in, this would make the young people feel like they had power and no one could touch them during their life. They felt very important during this…show more content…
Americans need to take the first step in teaching kids, youths, and young adults that this kind of act won’t be tolerated and there will be punishments with these kinds of acts. There is a need for stiffer penalty for committing a hate crime in our society. Animal cruelty is considered a hate crime, all though society doesn’t see this as being a hate crime if society thinks about it, it is a hate crime against the animals. So it doesn’t have to be toward a person in order for it to be considered a hate crime. In conclusion, the decision we make today about our basic freedoms will be ones we live with for a very long time. We as society need to take a stand against all hate crime. There will always be hate crimes however we as society need to control it. There will always be discrimination with all races. We must all realize that no matter where we come from or were we are going, we are all equal Americans. References: www.

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