Discrimination Against African Americans

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Discrimination of African Americans has been a problem in the united states for as long as we've been here. Although it has gotten better in many aspects there are still some very undeniable issues in the country. Many of the processes have changed today but just the same many of the same racial hate groups remain the same as fifty years ago. Much of today's discrimination towards African Americans can be traced back to family roots. The way someone has been brought up is not that persons fault but too often it is used as an excuse to an inexcusable act of racism. Although inexcusable there are people that truly and honestly believe that African Americans are lesser. This dehumanization is disgusting but also very sad that some people truly…show more content…
There are families that would disown a child for intermarriage regardless of how their child feels. Although this is a grievous situation it does, in fact, show progress through the chains of racism. Reflecting that a child of a discriminatory family doesn't necessarily choose the same method of life as their parents. This can often be a way for people to change their views on a race as well. What this doesn't mean is that everyone is consciously discriminatory. There are white people that have no problem speaking to an African American until they are In a relationship with a family…show more content…
Every race has people that are discriminatory and this includes groups lime the black panthers other African supremacy groups are just as guilty in the category if racist groups as the KKK. The problem with hate groups are that they skew views people have about other races causing them to themselves become racist subconsciously. Studies have taken place at Stanford university as well as the university at California berkley that have studied racism and subconscious racism are still a very prominent aspect of humanity. Part of the problem in the unsuccessful attempts to kill racism is that there are people who don't admit that it's real anymore. Acceptance is a viable part if repentance. People need to take the racism they see seriously and not shrug it off. Acts of racism are real and serious. Now killing racism will never fully happen but pursuits need to be made by people who care. People make a difference with action, but thought without action is meaningless. The persecution of African Americans didn't leave overnight, it took people of all races to band together and fight against it. African Americans have come so far and letting racist people tear them down is a disheartening dilemma. And more so having racial profiling officials is something that needs to have more strict laws against these sorts of

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