The Influence Of Hate Crimes

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Each year for the past 50 years police have reported crimes that have been said to be motivated by the victim's race, ethnicity, religion, origin, gender, or even sexual orientation. We need to recognize that the criminal activity like this is motivated by bias reasons and are different from other criminal conduct. The criminals reasoning for these acts are just by how they feel towards that group of people or race. It doesn't matter if those people have done anything to anyone else like physically beating up someone or even stealing their own stuff. If they don't approve of those people, they might harass them, steal from them, and even murder them. Hate crimes are always intentional it seems like, hate crimes may physically wound and may effectively intimidate other members of the victim's family or even community, leaving them feeling terrorized, isolated, vulnerable, and unprotected by the law. That is why the necessity for hate crime laws needs to be updated and improved to protect the people that have been affected by these terrible crimes. We cannot ban…show more content…
Physical violence seems to get across more people than a few exchanged words on the side of the road. This would make people feel scared and not want to act like themselves, which is completely wrong and no one should feel that way. People should be able to stand up for themselves and not be afraid of what is outside, such as the people from foreign countries or of a different religion. People who are assaulted because of hate crimes are four times more likely to need medical attention than someone who is of a parallel assault according to Michael Liberman in

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