Pros And Cons Of Racial Profiling

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Computer/Career Essentials Controversy in Racial Profiling There are many controversial issues occurring in the world at the moment. One of the largest issues is racial profiling. There have been several accounts in history involving innocent people being prosecuted due to race. However, there are also people who have been stopped from causing havoc by this strange form of paranoia. Hate crimes are something that has been occurring since old times in forms of things such as slavery, and to an even more extreme extent, The Holocaust. On an opposite note, some criminals have been locked away because of the quick elimination of possible suspects in a case due to racial profiling. In recent news, there is a new immigration law in Arizona. This law states that any legal immigrant within the state must carry documents to identify their status. Governor Rick Perry thinks that laws like this can encourage unconstitutional racial profiling. Chairman of Texas Democratic Party, Boyd Richie also doesn’t agree with this law, but isn’t really supportive towards Rick Perry. Boyd states, “For…show more content…
As United States citizens, we generally want to show that we believe in equality and don’t judge by race. However, there are still people in the United States that segregate, discriminate, and completely hate people who aren’t their own race. But, there are cases where racial profiling has been correct, and help apprehend a criminal. In any case, my opinion is that racial profiling is O.K to an extent. I believe that people should be treated equally so in that case, we shouldn’t be afraid to judge certain people like crime suspects because of color, and that we shouldn’t defend people because of color too. Also, I think that people should see past skin color. If you don’t like some from a different ethnicity than yours, hate the person, not the

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