Racial Hoax Essay

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The Racial Hoax as Crime Russell-Brown tells us that racial hoaxes are nothing new and have been around for centuries. Although there are hoaxes perpetrated on other races; the most dangerous of all racial hoaxes is the white-on-black hoaxes because they cause the most damage of all racial hoaxes. The damage is done not only to the wrongly accused but to the community as a whole. Often times the entire black community feels a sense of outrage and betrayal. These hoaxes amplify society’s image of the criminalblackman. These white-on-black racial hoaxes are often times believed immediately because society finds it highly likely that a black person did indeed commit the crime. Often times the perpetrators of these racial hoaxes are only charged with filing a false police report, if any charges are brought at all. In the event the perpetrator is charged with the crime they are trying to cover up, it is less likely that any additional charges will be filed for the hoax since they are already being charged with the more serious crime. Typically there is not amends of any kind made to the person or the community that has been affected by the hoax; not even a simple apology. Russell-Brown goes on to suggest that there should be a racial hoax law exclusively when the victim of the hoax is black. There has been proposed legislation in New Jersey to make these racial hoaxes a crime regardless of what races starts the hoax. This legislations seeks to make a racial hoax a crime punishable with prison time as well as fines. Although it has been hard to make racial hoaxes a hate- crime it is still possible to make them a crime. Russell-Brown tells us that the speech of the racial hoax is actually lawless conduct, which is unprotected by the First Amendment (Russell-Brown, 2009). By making racial hoaxes a felony offense it would likely deter others from using racial hoaxes
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