Causes Of Drug Trafficking In The United States

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How The Government Plans to Reduce Drug Trafficking in the U.S Shameka Williams Pro.Hope Umansky English 122 December 06 , 2009 The nature of the drug trafficking problem is that it is problematic because it continues to sucessfully endure in definance of established domestic and international laws. This problem could lead to to other issues such as war, because one group is reaping the nontaxable economic benefits while the other group is completely left out from these benefits. A good question would be why are some drugs illegal (heroin, cocaine, marijuana, meth., etc) while others are legal (pharmaceuticals, alcohol, tobacco, etc.) ? It doen't take a rocket scientist…show more content…
As the rot spreads, even more crime is generated by the climate of disorder and ennui it produces” ( Duk, Steven B. Dec. 1993). Drug prohibition also fosters crime by producing officialcorruption. The news media are full of accounts of cops caught stealing money or drugs from dealers or simply taking money to look the other way. Even judges and prosecutors are sometimes implicated. Such pervasive corruption denigrates and demoralizes all law enforcers and causes disrespect for law among citizens.The distractive effects of the drug war on law enforcement indirectly but profoundly encourage crime. In many cities, half or more of arrests are for drugs or related crimes, expending police resources and energy that might otherwise be available for domestic violence, fraud and other serious offenses. As a consequence, all criminals have a much better chance of escaping detection and punishment than if drugs were legal. (Duke, Steven B. Dec. 1993). The drug war also deeply undercuts the role of incarceration in dealing with people convicted of such serious crimes as child molesting, rape, kidnaping and homicide. There is no room in our prisons: 40 states are under court orders for overcrowding. Funds are not available to build prisons fast enough to provide the needed space. Violent criminals are being paroled early or are having their sentences chopped to make space for drug users and dealers. “ The drug war (excluding treatment and preventive education expenditures) costs about $9 billion at the federal level and about twice that on the state and local levels. These estimates do not count the law-enforcement cost chargeable to crimes that are prohibition-caused but not technically drug-related --probably another $15 billion at all levels of government. Thus, law-enforcement costs attributable to the drug war are at least $40

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