Crime In New Orleans

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I live in the most violence city there is. New Orleans is the number one city for incarcerating. That is ridiculous. I want to now why? What makes criminals do what they do? Are they wrong place at the wrong time? Or are they just born this way? I believe that majority of the people that get arrested in New Orleans are in the wrong place at the wrong time ,or just following the wrong crowd. The percentages of the people that are arrested in New Orleans are young African American Males. Now are all them all committing horrible crimes like murder? Well some are, but instead of these crooked cops trying to do undercover work they should be stopping the real problems. Many of New Orleans police officers are not in it for the safety of our city. There polices officers that arrested men with weed just to keep it and sell it back to another drug dealer so that they make money off of it. It’s just a lot of crazy under hand work that is going on. Why can’t we just find police that actually do the job and stop beating the system? There are…show more content…
I find all of the stories just so ridiculous. It is a shame some of the things that these NOPD do. New Orleans is the only city where you go to jail for everything except murder. Why? Instead of arresting people for simple things as weed possessions why are they not arresting this people that are committing murders? Even when the NOPD do arrest some of these criminals most get off or get little time with parole. Should this be acceptable? No it shouldn’t that why New Orleans is one of the top cities for murders. This needs to get put into control. There so much I can keep going on and on about, but I hope to touch on all these problems that are taking place in our city. I want to hear the opinions from my peers and what they feel about what is taken place. I should really enjoy and learn a lot from this Criminal Justice
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