The Role Of Illegal Immigration In The United States

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Is Illegal Immigrations effecting Our Nation? Emily Yim Global Health College Illegal Immigration in the United States has always been one of the biggest issues in our nation. Many believe the United States are made out of different immigrants and it is a big melting pot for all people. Immigration started back in 1607. The first immigrants to the United States were English and slowing evolved into the different culture from other parts of the world such as Italians, Mexicans, Chinese, Korean and etc. The major waves of the immigration was during the colonial era, which was the 19th century from the 1880s to 1920 (The History Channel Website , 2013). Most of the immigrants came to United States for a better future, freedom of…show more content…
Is deportation a good way to get illegal immigrants out or is it causing the United States too much tax money? According to the Denver post, 1,953 inmates were all in state prison as foreigners, which of whom are all subject to be deportation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The cost for the state for some $58 million, or 30,000 a year per inmate, which is about 6 percent of the state’s costs (Suthers, 2011). While some of the 6 percent of the funding can go toward more useful matters such as education. According to Smith, the administration is stopping deportations of young people who were brought to the states illegally and allowing them to apply for a two years’ work permit (Smith P. , 2012). According to President Obama, “They are Americans in their hearts, in their minds, in every single way but one: on paper.” (Smith P. ,…show more content…
(Guzzardi, 2003). According to Guzzardi, if we want to reduce the cost of quality health care for U.S. citizen, then you can not provide it to every illegal alien in this country (Guzzardi, 2003). U.S. taxpayers have spent hundreds of millions on patients who do not have any legal papers or working status on medical care. The average cost the government is spending on illegal immigrants on medical care according to a research which surveyed 28 hospitals in Florida, found a total of $40 million in 2002 (Guzzardi, 2003). Again, that money can be spent on other useful costs for the nation, such as special education students or improving the community as a whole. In conclusion, illegal immigration has some positive benefits to the nation. Illegal immigrants are paying taxes and working labor jobs that most Americans are not willing to do. Since most illegal immigrants are paying taxes to the nation, it follows that they have the right to use medical care like any other tax paying American citizens. Even with all the disadvantages of illegal immigration, our economy also run on the tax dollars that the illegal aliens are paying on their hard working

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