Racial Profiling Persuasive Speech

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What is your race? Have you ever been suspected of committing such a wrong doing, thinking, just because of your race? Don’t we hate it when others judge us based on our looks? It is offensive for us because they have made assumptions based on our physical appearance and those assumptions could, or most likely, be wrong. Physical appearance is not enough justification or evidence for others to think of who we may be. There are numbers of different ethnic groups residing here in our country – generally the Whites, Blacks, Hispanics and Asians. In our culture, we tend to stereotype and create an image, generalizing everyone in that certain group to be all the same. Some examples are: “Blacks are troublesome.”; “Asians eat dogs and cats”; “Hispanics…show more content…
The ones that are against racial profiling have thought of an alternative solution, which is behavioral profiling. Behavioral profiling, hence the name, means to base the law enforcers' suspicion according to that person’s behavior instead of race. With this more effective system, it balances our protection from both terrorism and violating someone’s civil rights. One reasonable example on why we shouldn’t racial profile is the popular bomber in United Kingdom, Richard Reid, who doesn’t fit the profile that they have created for terrorists. Individuals have also made good arguments about the negative outcome that racial profiling might bring to our society. Obviously it has led the dominant race to have superiority to the minorities – racial discrimination. James Zogby, the president of the Arab-American Institute have made a point that he have seen a lot of dark skinned people being searched and treated with humiliation, which is really wrong – Racial Relations. David Harris, a writer and Professor at Toledo College, have already written a couple of books about racial profiling. He states that law enforcers think that they would be more accurate in targeting a suspicious group, but in reality, what happens is the total opposite wherein officials have inaccurate results in targeting the suspect—Race Relations. He stated in one of his books evidence proving that the success rate of racial profiling is lower than behavioral

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